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of remittances

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Ensures payment of
all your remittances

Line of credit for remittance payers to always have liquidity.

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“I still have funds in my agency, I felt relieved thanks to the extra money”

- Lily, Line of Credit Client

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It is a secure anchorage

that I control.

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It means fewer trips to the bank and less risk.

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I save time and money

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I can pay more remittances and in larger amounts.

  • Use it as many days as you need.

  • Low cost and high flexibility
    (no opening cost).

  • Dispersal of funds in less than 30 min.

  • Procedures via WhatsApp, without complications.

Remittance paying agent

“People trust us for the service and the speed with which they can collect their shipments on the same day and for the amount they want, since we always have liquidity

- José, Client and Line of Credit

Remittance paying agent

Our mission

Greater financial health through remittances.

More than 85% of remittances are collected in person and in cash.

Through financial solutions powered by remittances, Paisa is blazing a new path to financial health in Latin America, starting in Mexico.

More than a shipment.

Financial health


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